My Dad Mayor Thomas E Jenkins

Once upon a time there was a Mayor of Bellmawr elected in 1968, he was born in 1924 he the 9th child of 10, his father died when he was 12 years old. He served honorably as a Staff Sergeant in the Army Air Corps as a turret gunner. He came home and raised 4 sons along with Kitty. At that time I believe the salary for one year as Mayor was about $1800 per year, so he had to keep his job at Owens Corning Fiberglas. The republican party of Bellmawr almost pleaded with my Dad to run for Mayor, he was reluctant because he had a fear of speaking in public, even after reading the Dale Carnegie book called “How To Win Friends and Influence People” it did not work. He was comfortable one on one, but managed to get through the numerous public events.
As Mayor with the help of many people, Sorry I can’t name them all but 3 stand out in his success in lowering taxes and sprucing up the town. My Father knew how to get people to work together for the common good. He enlisted Tom Mitchell as Borough Treasurer, Herb Rambo his right hand Man, and Mary Knighten who was always there, calling on their own talents to save and make the boro run more efficiently utilizing the Green Acres Act to erect many what they called “Mini Parks”. My Dad knew that a town of approximately 3 miles long and a mile wide needed a local transportation, so he initiated the Bellmawr Shuttle Bus for all to use and zero charge to residents. This was forward thinking used to take anyone including senior citizens back and forth to the local shopping malls.
I remember how he stood his ground settling 2 strikes, one was the trash strike. I remember him saying “this trash will be picked up even if we have to do it ourselves. Him and Bob Tomasello were even seen on channel 6 News behind the trash trucks working and keeping his promise, needless to say the strike was settled quickly, The second Strike was the school board strike, I think this did him in politically as he angered one particular republican lawyer who will go nameless settling this strike without endless $$$ lawyering. The Nixon disaster did not help either a republican could not even get elected dog catcher. In 1974 when my Dad ran for State Senator ( republican ) he receiving an almost unheard of endorsement from the Philadelphia Enquirer, They referred to my Dad as the “Soft Spoken Mayor that got things done”
My Father was a humble man, and of course in my eyes was the nicest man I have ever known, growing up with him I can’t remember a nasty word out of his mouth, about anyone or anything. Throughout the years and even now people I run into tell me how special, honest and fair he was. At his funeral and My Mom’s “Kitty ” I remember many Democrats there to pay their respects.
You maybe wondering why I am writing this? Every preceding Mayor had a monument such as a street named after them or a memorial park or some sort of public recognition, my Dad none. There were no scandals. He did his job honorably. Would it be too much to ask that a man that personified a true Public Servant to be recognised?